Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni for Target Mayhem

So, yesterday I got pulled in by the siren song of Missoni at Target prices. I staked out my spot in the Target parking lot 30 minutes before the store opened, eyeing up the competition. (Mostly moms on the hunt for rain boots.) I was on the hunt for the espresso set and some silk scarves. Ooh the anticipation.

 Finally 8:00 am rolled around, and me and the other shoppers semi-stampeded into Target, ready to grab anything with a chevron print. One mom literally yelled to her 2 year old "RUN!!!!" Haha!

Well. Apparently my Target only carried around 15% of the 400 Missoni items, meaning almost everything my fellow shoppers and I wanted was not available. I ended up with a wool scarf that I immediately regretted buying as soon as I got home and a set of 3 notebooks. Wah. Hopefully Target will restock or do another Missoni launch. Next time I'm going for a bike!

Did you get anything from the Missoni for Target?

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